End of Summer Self Storage Tips

It feels like we just talked about moving summer gear from storage, the hazy days of summer flew by, and Longacre’s Self Storage wants to prepare you for winter weather. Longacre’s Self Storage has a storage unit and self storage tips to help this time of year. While restaurants plan to close the patio area and small businesses plan for upcoming holidays, our Doyelstown PA storage facility is here to save you space!

Fall self storage tips to organize your space

self storage tips Doylestown PA

  • Change your flip flops for snow boots, and keep them out of your closet with the help of a small storage unit. Storing the family’s clothes is easy with a few boxes, labels, and a storage unit.
  • Move the lawn mower out of the garage and into a storage unit. When the seasons change so do your tools, use self storage to protect your tools until you need them again.
  • Grills produce some great summer treats but avoid having a different crowd at your storage unit by cleaning it before storing these outdoor items.
  • Camping gear and beach items should be inspected for holes before going into storage. Repair or replace these items before the time comes to use them again
  • Landscapers, what are you moving to storage? Use a large storage unit to organize tools you will not need until next spring.
  • Pool toys should be in their own box but before you seal up the top, leave everything out to dry to avoid mold or mildew. Take preventative methods and use moisture absorbing products, like DampRid.

Before winter weather kicks in, let our Doylestown PA storage experts show you how helpful self storage can be for businesses and homeowners. Longacre’s Self Storage has drive up units that have doors on either side, which makes it accessible for vehicle storage.

Talk with us or choose a storage rental online anytime!

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