RV Storage Tips: Prepping for Winter

Finding room for the RV, vehicle, or boat can be a big struggle when winter rolls around. Our Doylestown PA RV storage tips will help you get these large items ready for a long term storage. Longacre’s Self Storage is getting ready for winter with these self storage tips.

RV storage for winter

Doylestown PA RV Storage

  • Flat spots accrue after sitting for too long, the pressure slowly escapes and leaves you with a flat tire. Before storage fill all four tires to the maximum psi.
  • Fuel stabilizer keeps gas from settling to the bottom and ruining gas lines.
  • Seals around doors and windows may dry rot after a long summer on the road. Check them for cracks and replace them is necessary.
  • The fridge should be wiped out and left open while in storage. Mold can grow in dark moist spots.
  • Wash the exterior and put a cover over your RV before storage. This is helpful for both indoor storage and outdoor storage.

Longacre’s Self Storage has storage units for your boxes and furniture which make organizing your space less complicated. Our Doyelstown PA storage facility does not have parking spaces or storage units large enough for your RV but with these tips, you can winterize your summer items like a professional. Let us help you during your next move or reorganization project around the house.

The storage calculator can help you decide what size would work best for your needs. Once you have the correct size, choose your unit online or give us call to start the process.

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