Storage packing tips 101

Making plans to get organized this spring? If the goal is to make the most of your space Longacre’s Self Storage packing tips will make storing easy. Staying organized can be a challenge if you do not have the desired space, but with our storage options you have square footage and answers to your specific storing questions. This month we are focused on knowing what needs done before you arrive at our unit.

Before you start planning the summer vacation, Longacre’s Self Storage offers storage space to protect your belongings so you can sit back and enjoy. Find out what you should be doing to prepare your valuables for storage.

Doylestown PA storage packing tips

  • Foam sheets and packing peanuts are best for filling a bow with breakables.
  • Prepare with a shopping list of supplies. A few different sized boxes, plenty of tape, and covers for specific belongings, i.e. mattresses, box springs, couches.
  • Do not make it tough for movers to pick up boxes, keep the weight capacity in mind.
  • In the first stages of packing, tidy up a little so all your belongings are in the correct locations and therefore will be packed with similar items.
  • Utilize every space, even storing inside your furniture is a great idea. Remember if you are putting boxes in a large appliance, like the fridge, leave the door open.
  • To avoid ironing out creases, hang dress clothes and drapery in a wardrobe box.
  • It is tempting to store your mattress upright but it can cause your mattress to sag. Instead invest in a cover and store flat on the ground.
  • Talk with our store manager for reliable moving companies in the area to help. You can also call on friends to assist with boxes and smaller items.

If you are looking for storage this spring, Longacre’s Self Storage is your Doyelstown PA solution. Start storing like a pro with our storage packing tips.

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